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About Elkton United Methodist Church
The Elkton United Methodist Church seeks to know, believe and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we worship joyfully, educate faithfully, and serve actively. 
Rev. Won D Kim was born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Toronto Ontario, Canada. The biggest turning point of his life was during the winter vision conference of CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ) in 2001 where he encountered Jesus Christ as a life Savior and the Lord. Since then he has served in the ministry both in Canada and U.S as a pastor, retreat & conference speaker and from 2007 to 2011, served as a summer short-term missionary to China, Haiti and Native Reserves.

While Pastor Won was studying music at Santa Monica College in California, he met his wife Jessie where they both served campus ministry.  Pastor Won and Jessie are blessed with three children Ryan, Joy and Sarabeth. In his personal time, he likes to play with kids, riding bike, swimming and training taekwondo. 

Asbury Theological Seminary M.A, Wilmore KY 
McMaster Divinity College M.Div, Hamilton ON
York University B.A, Toronto ON
Newtonbrook Highschool, Toronto ON

Elkton UMC 2017-present, Lead Pastor
Goodrich UMC 2015-2017, Lead Pastor
Troy Korean UMC 2011-2015, Associate
Burlington Eaglesfield Community 2007-2011, Youth 
Toronto Immanuel Methodist 2004-2007, Youth
L.A Grace Mount Methodist 1999-2004, Youth

Hello Friends, 
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We welcome you to Elkton United Methodist Church. I still remember 2001 in December, the day I came to encounter Jesus as my personal Savior and the Lord at the Vision Conference of Campus Crusade for Christ. Since then, my life goal was not focused on the luxury of life or simply pursuing comfortable christian life, but it was more about to becoming the cross-bearing, dying to myself disciple that Jesus calls me to be (Matthew 16:24). Likewise, our Christian life begins by experiencing God’s transforming power in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When we experience the power of God, there is healing, restoration, hope and life. 

Are you weary and burdened?  Do you need a community of love and prayers?  Do you want to grow deeper in faith and learn more about God's direction for your life?  We invited you to Elkton United Methodist Church where you will explore and grow your faith and to learn more about God's holy and precious plan for your life. Open your heart and let the Lord speak to you today. I invite you to be a part of His kingdom purpose through Elkton United Methodist Church. Everyone is welcome! 

Delighted in the Lord,

Rev. Won D Kim
Elkton United Methodist Church
150 S. Main Street
Elkton, MI 48731

150 S. Main Street
Elkton, Michigan 48731